Whitefly Control for Your Farm

Your farm is something you want to be proud of but with Whitefly problems and infestations, your beautiful farm could be destroyed. Whiteflies damage is heightened during the summer seasons and with proper whitefly control, you can get a handle on the problem and salvage your farm.

No whitefly control equals infestations

Whitefly identification – what is a whitefly?

Whiteflies are pests that seem to thrive in warm weather and thus, you’ll see more of them making an appearance in your farm during this season. You’ll recognize a whitefly by their almost triangular shaped body.

Whiteflies on tomato leaves are not the only places you’ll find them, because they thrive by sucking on the undersides of plant leaves in general. Their soft bodies can grow up to 9inches. While they’re not only concentrated on real plants, whiteflies are known to chomp on ornamental plants too.

Spotting whitefly damage

If you see the leaves of your plants are starting to look pale and withering away, that’s one sure sign that your farm is under attack by whiteflies.
Organic whitefly control measures

You can get rid of whiteflies in a safe manner, without using poisonous whitefly insecticide. Whitefly control in greenhouses sometimes includes incorporating other critters such as ladybugs and Encarsia to minimize the spread of whiteflies. These predatorial species work as an organic way to reduce whitefly infestations and are best when indoors. Organic whitefly control will ensure the safety of plants and vegetables, making them safe to consume come harvest time. Sometimes the whiteflies damage results in a sticky residue left behind on the leaves.

Other whitefly control means include:

  1. Aluminum reflective mulch – this will redirect or distort a whitefly’s ability to navigate to plants they wish to leech off.
  2. Water spray – jet sprays will work well if your plants can manage the force of the spray, dislodging their grip from under the leaves.
  3. Light vacuum – light vacuuming will also help to remove the larvae and nymphs from under the leaves.
  4. Organic Neem oil – you can use Neem oil and spray your plants and fruit to protect it from whitefly damage

Certain whiteflies have evolved to become immune to insecticide, which means you could be wasting your time and money using those.
If you don’t have the means of getting rid of these pests, then you can always seek the knowledgeable assistance of professional pest control. Restore your farm and save your plants from whitefly destruction!

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