Start Effective Russet Mite Control On Your Farm Today

Nobody wants to put up with pesky russet mites that only contribute to the destruction of your farm. They are strong in large numbers and can infect the entire plant bringing it to ruin. If you’re dealing with this problem and are searching for effective russet mite control for your farm, then it’s time to contact the professionals.

Start russet mite control sooner than later

Russet mite identification

These pesky creatures are very tiny and only easier to spot when using a magnifying glass. They can easily increase their numbers on your farm, as they’ve already been accounted for in regions not common to their existence. This is because they are so light; the wind can move them about. They are almost transparent and sometimes have a slightly yellow look. The adult females will lay russet mite eggs during the spring season. These eggs are large nearly as big as the adult mites, and they undergo 2 stages before becoming adult russets.

Another problem when dealing with russet mite damage is the mere fact that you only see damage once it is done. In other words, they leave no obvious clues or traces of their existence on the plants and trees on your farm.

Damage sightings

You’ll notice the damage at the bottom of the plant making its way upward. This is because russets eat from the stem of the plant upward. Their mouthparts are specially adapted to suck out the nutrients of plants starting at the stem.

Plants will look less vigorous and green, instead, it will start to become yellow/brown. They enjoy flowering plants as well as cannabis. They can cause lots of damage to the flowing parts of a plant, which cannot be reversed.

Russet might control

Taking control is essential to save the vegetation on your farm.

  • Isolate infected plants from healthy ones to avoid spreading the russets
  • Do regular inspections of the plant focusing on leaf areas as well as the stems
  • Monitor greenhouses and indoor environments as vigorously as you would the outdoors
  • Organic control includes the incorporation of predator nematodes
  • Use neem oil as soon as you see signs of the russets

Control may be hard to achieve if your farm has a large infestation, and this requires the skilled assistance of pest control specialists. Contact us TODAY for all your Russet Might problems

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