Rid Your Farm From Pests With Reliable Midge Flies Control

Midge flies are one of the most annoying pests on the farm. Why you may ask? Well, they have the tendency to wreak all sorts of havoc, including spreading diseases to both animals and humans. With midge flies control you can have one less thing to worry about.

Midge Fly Defined

Midge flies are flying insects that share some features of mosquitoes. Their cycle starts from worm-like larvae, cocoon pupa and then adult midge fly. They have thin transparent wings and thin delicate legs. Like mosquitoes, Midge flies enjoy water sources like standing bodies of water. They also love moist decaying leaves on crops and damp soil.

Symptoms after a Midge Fly Attack

In humans
Patients may experience different reactions to midge fly bites but the general effect is a localized pain, itch or an irritable feeling. Sometimes people experience a delayed itch effect. Midge flies are a health risk in some places, as they’re known to spread diseases to humans in some parts of the world.

In animals
Without midge flies control, farms, and areas close to sources of water will experience the nuisance these insects cause. However, midge flies also have biological benefits like cleaning up the water from moss, as this is what the larvae midge flies eat.

Midge Fly Control is Effective

If you have areas on your farm that have excess standing water, be sure to install proper drainage systems. Other midge flies control options also include insecticide and maintenance of the farm by keeping it free from aspects that will attract midge flies. With that being said, keeping your farm clean and tidy will greatly help to keep midge flies at bay. You can also use affordable midge control methods like fly traps, fly paper, and bait traps to keep them from pestering you and your livestock.

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