Improve crop yield by improving your soil

Farmers are forever striving toward better plant growth, with better nutritional quality but reduced pest and disease pressure. If it could save you money and be more drought resistant, even better.

This is possible with the use of the range of inoculants and rhizobia provided by BioControl. These products promotes stronger root growth, better nutrient uptake and more resistance against plant diseases.


While soil might look like simple dust, it is in fact a complex system of minerals, bacteria, fungi, and larger organisms such as earthworms.

This complex soil structure enables the plant to absorb any supplementation that is applied to the soil.

The healthier the soil, the better plants will be able to absorb nutrients.

Using and enhancing the natural capabilities of this complex soil system to the benefit of plants is seen as one of the key mechanisms to sustainable agricultural practices.

Current farming practices are contributing less than 3 % toward improving our native soils, and many of the traditional tillage methods, chemicals and fertilizers are actually not beneficial toward soil at all.

These methods leaves the soil lacking the vital organisms that occur naturally and therefore the nutrients will remain tied-up and unavailable to the plant.

All the solutions to get your soil back to the way nature intended

BioControl has all the solutions to get your soil back to the way that nature intended by helping you to attain a balance between the physical, chemical, and biological facets of the soil. Along with an improved organic carbon content and sustainable management practices, the use of inoculants and rhizobia will ensure the stabilisation of our fragile soils.

Inoculants and rhizobia supply beneficial organisms that reside in the root-zone of the plant, the rhizosphere. Here, it aids the plant in these ways:

The use of microorganisms is an essential part of sustainable Integrated Pest Management, ensuring the long-term management of agricultural pests and diseases and promoting crop yield.

BioControl has a range of products available to assist the South African farmer with the revival of his soil. Our open-door approach and quality, cost-effective products that are made to order will boost your transition to sustainable farming.

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