Take charge of pest control with Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with BioControl equips the South African farmer with the knowledge, experience, and quality products to get the most out of every crop. BioControl can assist you in your sustainable farming practices by providing preventative, eco-friendly, long-term solutions that save you money.

Still using chemical pest control? 4 Reasons you should reconsider!

  • Chemical pest control is costly.
  • Re-application is often necessary and leads to resistance within the target organisms.
  • Chemical control is not target-specific and causes harm to the entire ecosystem, often harming the organisms that are the pest’s natural enemies, leading to an even larger pest population increase, and the outbreak of other secondary pests that would normally have been kept under control.
  • Increasing numbers of end-consumers are demanding produce that have not been exposed to chemical pest control.

3 Reasons you should be using Integrated Pest Management if you’re serious about sustainable farming

Traditional pest control concentrates on agricultural pests as a single entity that should be controlled as the need arises.

Instead of trying to eradicate or eliminate pests, IPM aims to maintain pest populations below levels that cause damage and reduce production and yield.

Rather than treating pest populations that are too low to cause damage, or are already high enough to cause damage, the pest population is kept at a threshold that is suited to a specific situation.

This is done by harnessing the natural enemies of the pest species. This method is termed ‘biological control’ and extensive research has shown that it is essential for long term, stable management of pests and plant diseases.


The bacteria found in the biological control products of BioControl exist naturally in soil already, but years of toxic build-up have rendered it ineffective. These microorganisms control the pest population by causing diseases in the insects and providing protection against plant diseases.

The application of BioControl will restore the natural ecological balance and have the following advantages:

1. Permanency

The effects of BioControl’s products last a long time, as the spores of the beneficial bacteria and fungi remain and continue to protect plants from further attacks or infections.

2. Cost-Saving

The continuous use of BioControl products will result in increased effectiveness against pests and increased crop yielding as farming practices returns to organic methods. It is also less expensive than chemical products, especially in the long run.

3. Safety

The microorganisms used by BioControl specifically only targets the pests and diseases it is used against. It occurs naturally in healthy fertile soil, and are completely safe for earthworms, bees, ladybirds, frogs, fish, birds, animals, and humans.

It’s time to let Mother Nature work for your farm, with a little help from BioControl.