The Best Gnat Control for your Plants on your Farm

Gnats are pests you don’t want to have around your farm. However, we cannot always manage everything, and when an infestation occurs its best to get some Gnat control underway from experts that you can trust.

Practice gnat control for your outdoors

Gnat identification

Gnats or fungal gnats are common with indoor plants and can often be seen flying around indoor pot plants. Flying gnats are already at the adult stage, but whilst they are gnat larvae, they feed off the nutrients of the plant’s roots and thrive inside the soil.
Gnat fungus thrives in moist humid conditions and this is often the case indoors where you happen to have your beautiful plants. Winter months are also when they are strongest because more moisture is present indoors.

Adult gnats can be recognized as winged critters that tend to share the looks of a fly and a mosquito alike. They have delicate, thin bodies, and are usually seen flying up and out from soil that’s freshly been watered. Gnat maggots, on the other hand, are the larvae of these pests, and they feed off mould, root hairs, and thrive within plant soil. The maggots are almost transparent with a black head. The larvae can develop into adults in only 3 to 4 days.

Spotting the damage

Before administering gnat control, you have to know what the damage is.

How can you use gnat control to better your farm?

Gnat treatment to keep your farm safe and healthy

You can take control of the gnat situation by creating your own gnat solution with water and other organic means.

How to tell your plants are taking damage:

  • Plant leaves will lose colour and lustre
  • Plants will wilt
  • Sometimes entire parts of the plant will be missing with excessive damage

Precaution measures

    • Before purchasing a plant, you can have a thorough look at it for any signs of gnat fungus.
    • The soil must dry out before watering or in-between watering to avoid moisture
    • Overwatering can cause these pests to thrive even more
    • Using a gnat predator like the Hypoasis aculeifer (a mite that lives off fungus gnat lavae) will help destroy them especially when dealing with large infestations

Organic gnat control is the best way to keep the infestation under control and ensuring your farm enjoys beautiful plants without the problem of pests. Contact us TODAY for all your Gnat Control advice.

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