Get Into Gear With Spotted Wing Drosophila Control On Your Farm

Dealing with pests on the farm is never a breeze as a matter of fact, when thorough spotted wing drosophila control is not executed, the chances of losing cash crops becomes higher. Professional pest control management on the farm has many benefits. Not only can you enjoy the experience these individuals have but also that they know how to eliminate the problem in the best and safest way possible.

How to spot a spotted wing drosophila

These mites enjoy fruit and in fact, are from the fruit fly species. Adult females will lay eggs inside the fruit and are commonly found in raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and other soft fruits. Farmers can lose their cash crops once these pests are manifested in large numbers.

You can notice the damage because the fruit becomes soft and bad to eat.

  • Once the female has laid the eggs inside the fruit, apart from becoming soft, the fruit will also develop mould.
  • The fruit will showcase holes and visible scars
  • Sometimes farmers will find trees heavily infested soon after having harvested the fruit

Combating and taking full spotted wing drosophila control on your farm

To save your fruit trees and your income, make sure that you take the necessary steps to put an end to the pests. The following may help:

  • Ensure to keep a close inspection of the plants on a regular basis
  • Harvest the fruit as soon s they become ripe to prevent damage
  • Set up traps and monitor them regularly
  • Make sure that you follow instructions from the insecticide manufacturer for effective control

Spotted wing drosophila organic control

If you suspect your farm is under attack, then it’s high time to take control of the situation.
Spotted wing drosophila organic control measures include the use of insecticides made without synthetics, but instead natural ingredients like neem oil amongst other. Biological control of the spotted wing drosophila includes the implementation of a natural predator, which include species of wasps, insects, and spiders.

Get help from trusted specialists and save your farm from the dreaded pests that plague your harvest. Contact us TODAY for all your Drosophila Control needs

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