Crane Fly Control On The Farm

Without Crane fly control, cash crops stand a chance of undergoing serious damage leading to losses. Whether you’re struggling with an infestation or looking to take better control of the situation, then getting expert help from a specialist is essential.

What is a crane fly?

A crane fly can usually be mistaken for a mosquito because of its delicate-like body similarity as well as long legs. Effective crane fly larvae control will reduce the damage otherwise sustained due to the larvae. The larvae can grow up to 3.8cm in length.

Signs of damage – Crane fly Control

You can spot crane fly lawn damage on dry summer days where the patches of grass die because its water supply is cut off due to the damaged left by the crane fly. More weeds are present on your lawn also due to the damage inflicted by these pests.

It will help you get a handle on the situation if you tried examining your grass during the warmer months of spring. It’s also important to look out for the larvae or the “egg shells”. Crane fly larvae have a durable “leathery” skin that protects them.

Managing a crane fly problem on the farm

If you suspect crane flies have taken over your farm, it’s time to take your farm back with effective crane fly control.

Take care that your irrigation’s systems are monitored for leakage and the potential for creating a waterlogged area. Crane flies enjoy standing water and have the tendency to thrive in shaded damp areas on the farm. Cleaning up aerate and loose thatch is essential in reducing the numbers of these pests on your farm.

The good health of your grass on your farm will not only benefit your livestock but can indeed also be aesthetically beautiful.

More crane fly control measures

  1. Birds are your friends. Setting up some bird feeders will help as they will pick at the grass and eat the larvae
  2. An adult the crane fly is weak and can fall prey to several predators
  3. There are also many organic and synthetic insecticides suitable
  4. Crane fly predators like “nematodes” are essential for the biological control of these flies.

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