African Citrus Psyllid Control on your Farm

When running a farm, it’s almost impossible not to stumble across pests trying to take over your crops and causing havoc. Growing citrus, you must be sure to use citrus psyllid control because an infestation can lead to serious losses.

Identifying Citrus Psyllid Control

Adult citrus psyllids grow to about 2.5mm in length and both the male and female have wings. Adult females have a pointed tip on their end of their abdomen and males a blunt tip on the same side. African citrus psyllid starts out as eggs, and hatch at a temperature of more than 25degrees Celsius. They can live between 17 to 50 days.

Damage and control of African citrus psyllid pests

Name suggests, the citrus psyllid enjoy citrus fruit as mentioned earlier, and so it is understood that they tackle oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and other citrus trees and fruit. The flavour of the fruits on host trees becomes bitter and the host tree itself will showcase signs of damage. The major cause of damage is because the citrus psyllid is a carrier of the “citrus greening disease”. Every host tree infested by the citrus psyllid will become diseased and it’s inevitable that the fruits are spoilt and some trees prone to die.

Other damages include:

  • Evidence of soot or mould is present and can cause the tree to weaken
  • Leaves become yellow
  • Plants are stunted in growth
  • Visible frass (excrement) on the leaves
  • Abnormal fruit
  • Rolled leaves

Control measures for the psyllid species

African citrus psyllid control comprises of various options including professional pest control. Chemical control measures include organic and synthetic pesticides. It’s important to make sure that the instructions are followed and that the insecticide used is safe for the fruit you’re growing. Contact us TODAY for all your Citrus Psyllid Control

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