Caterpillar Pest Control: Save your Crops Today!

Caterpillars are in the process of morphing into butterflies but before then, they live out their time feeding off the life source of your crops. Caterpillar pest control will help eliminate this problem by effectively stopping caterpillars in their tracks.

What is a Caterpillar? – Caterpillar Pest Control

Outdoor crops can easily fall prey to caterpillar damage because they live of the nourishment of vegetable crops like lettuce, cabbage, and most leafy crops for that matter. With over 100 different caterpillar species, your farm may have come under attack by several of these pests. They are so vast, some are known as the “hornworms”, “cabbage loopers” and “inchworms” to name a few. Their vastness is because in essence, they are the younger form of adult moths and butterflies.

Adult female butterflies will lay her eggs on the leaves so that the source of food is ready to eat once the eggs pupate. If the eggs are laid at the base of the tree after they’ve “hatched” the caterpillar pests that emerge will make their way up toward the nourishing trees and start to devour them.

Caterpillar Pest Control to end the damage

Caterpillar pest control is essential if you want to avoid losing your crops to these intruding, greedy creatures. These pests are immensely problematic when in large infestations, as they will carry on chomping through your vegetable crops leaves and through some of the fruits. One of the really bad factors of having these pests around is that they can start their infestation at any time of the year leaving little time for control.

Caterpillar damage can be so bad that they can defoliate multiple trees and plants during their frenzy feeding stages. This can cause permanent damage to cash crops due that season. Their damage is showcased as huge holes in plant leaves.

Caterpillar insecticides are available in organic forms to reduce toxicity. According to Official Pest Pros, you can spot the eggs on the trees they are prone to target and there excrement is also clearly visible.

Put an end to the pests

  1. Picking them off leaves and dropping them into a bucket of soapy water can kill them
  2. Many insecticides are organic, but there are also synthetic forms (always read instructions before use)
  3. Certain organic pesticides also contain Neem oil which is very effective

Need help with an infestation on your farm? Be sure to call the experts to assist you!

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