Boxwood Leafminer Control: Rid your Farm from these Pests Today

The Boxwood plant or scientifically known as Buxus from the Buxaceae family is a much-loved plant for landscaping and looks great on farms. They are aesthetically beautiful in every way, however, with their attractiveness comes the pest called the Boxwood Leafminer. These pests can cause real damage to your plants but before this happens, you need to make sure that you get rid of them by practicing boxwood leafminer control.

Don’t Delay with Boxwood Leafminer Control

What are boxwood leafminers?

As their name suggests, these pests enjoy the likes of boxwood trees. If you have these on your farm, be sure to look out for these specially adapted leafminer species. As you may already know, Boxwood plants can be found throughout South Africa, many grow freely in the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and KZN.

Boxwood leafminers are similar to flies and look like mosquitoes, as during their larval stages, they look similar to maggots. While when they reach adulthood, they develop wings and are able to fly. Both the adult boxwood leafminers and their larvae are orange in colour.

Damage caused without Leafminer Control

The boxwood leafminer causes bad damage to this plant by chewing away at the upper and lower parts of the leaves. They thrive in warm weather and this may also be the best time to spot them.

  1. Adult female leafminers will lay the eggs inside the leaf
  2. The leaves may look as if they have blisters on them
  3. The eggs will hatch and the adults that emerge from inside the leaf will leave a “pin-like” hole

Effective Boxwood Leafminer Control

You can get rid of these pests by using some insecticide and other precautions.
Pruning the tree shrubs early before the larvae hatch will reduce the infestation. Professional pest control on the farm can help target these boxwood leafminer maggots sooner than later. The control is done systematically to ensure that the infestation is taken care of and to try to save as much of the plant as possible.

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