The Essentials of Black Vine Weevil Control On The Farm

The black vine weevil can ruin stored grain and other cash crops when infestations are large in number. Learning to identify these annoying pests is essential if you want to ensure complete black vine weevil control. The first step in taking control of the situation is knowing how to spot them.

Identifying a Black Weevil

Before choosing your black vine weevil control method, you need to know how to identify these pests.
Many adult black weevils grow up to 3/4inches in length and are often grey or black in colour. They cannot fly as some of the other weevils but they have long, bendy mouth-like parts and their antennas are also bendy-looking. The larvae of the black weevil are about 1/2inch long and pale in colour compared to the adults.

Black Vine Weevil Damage

The adults mainly feed at night on the crops and plants creating little notches in the leaves as the chew away. The larvae, however, cause a greater amount of damage to plants. The larvae feed off the roots of the plants and chew right through them causing critical damage.

    1. Plants wither even when it seems they’re taken good care of
    2. Leaves showcase notches where the adults have been feeding off
    3. Plant growth is often stinted and plants are prone to die young

Black Vine Weevil Control

These clever pests like to take cover underneath mulch and soil, so during the day. it can be harder to spot them. Once you’ve uncovered the damage and identified the plants that are affected, you must ensure that you take immediate black vine weevil control as soon as possible. The sooner the pest control is in place, the better the chances of saving your crops.

Ensure that plants are clear of mulch, as these are some of the “high-target” areas for black vine weevils to thrive. In many cases, they hide under the mulch, making it harder to spot them in searches. Never over-water the plants because moisture and wetness, even damp soil attracts these pests rapidly.

There are several types of control options including synthetic and organic insecticide. Natural predators can also help where appropriate. Some plants contain natural insect repellents such as the Chrysanthemum flower that respells weevils and is safe to use around pets and other plants.

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