Enjoy a Better Farm with Proper Aphid Control

Aphids also known as “Green Flies” or “Plant Lice” are a big problem and can ruin the plants on your farm and even make their way into your house if not taken care of in time. Aphid control is very important, especially when growing plants and vegetables as they really thrive on vegetation.

The importance of aphid control

What is an aphid?
An aphid is a type of insect that feeds off the juice and nutrients of other plants. They have specially modified mouths to suck on the leaves. A fully-grown aphid will have long antenna-like feelers on their heads and their bodies are soft. Some aphids also have two tube-like antennas coming out the rear part of their bodies. Although they are tiny in size, with most of them only growing up to a mere 1/8 inches, they can wreak havoc. You’ll also notice that their colours vary from green, orange, gray, white and yellow.

How to identify the damage with no aphid control

To get a handle on aphid control on tomatoes, aphid control on roses as well as any vegetation you may be growing it’s essential for you to identify the damage. Here’s how to tell those bugs are at work on your farm:

  • Aphids can attack the roots of young plants and you’ll notice these ones withering away even before they’ve fully grown.
  • They will cause damage to lower leaves as opposed to leaves at the top of plants
  • You’ll notice curling, yellow leaves
  • A trail of “honeydew” or sticky substance left on stems of plants or surrounding property is the aphid’s waste.
  • They cause fruit to become deformed and stint their growth

Resort to Effective Aphid Control

There are various types of solutions to deal with aphid infestations; some include organic aphid control, while other include stronger chemicals.

Organic or natural aphid control solutions


Water is a good way to get rid of these critters, blasting them with a power spray can help reduce their numbers on walls, outdoor furniture, and motor vehicles. A power spray may not be ideal for your delicate flowers. A gentle spray of water will help them lose grip and in some cases, they don’t go back to the same plant.

Water plus 2 to 3 drops of dishwashing liquid

This mild soapy solution will wash the aphids away without causing damage to your plants. Ensure you don’t use too much dishwashing liquid else it’ll be too soapy. Some other organic aphid control solutions include Neem oil, as well as cayenne pepper with water and dishwashing liquid.


  • Aphids dislike catnip (relatively affordable)
  • They are attracted to mustard
  • They dislike garlic and chives, a good companion when planting peas, lettuce, and roses

Large farms often need more work controlling pests and professional aphid control for your garden or landscapes will greatly benefit in every way.

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