Achieve Effective Spider Mite Control for Your Garden

Spider mites are terrible once they take over a garden and to add to the damage, they thrive on both indoor and outdoor gardens. The good news is that managing spider mite control for your property is possible, not to mention safe too.

Practice spider mite control for your garden

What is a spider mite?

Spider mites can’t easily be spotted in the garden, but taking a closer look will reveal something like black dots moving over the leaves and stems of plants. They are tiny creatures, thus not easily spotted, and adult mites are often red-brown in colour. Young spider mites have 8 legs until they further develop. If the weather is hot, spider mites can develop into adults in only 5 days, it’s thus important to practice natural spider mite control to keep them from infesting your entire garden.

They thrive in large numbers and go about gnawing leafy shrubs. You can also tell spider mite colonies by the distinct webbing they create on plant leaves and stems. Spider mites on tomato plants are one of the common places to catch them as well as spider mites in soil. For this reason, it proves very effective to get rid of them altogether.

Spider mite damage

Sure, you want to know how to control spider mites, but first, let’s identify some damage signs:

  • Plant leaves will showcase tiny spots
  • Leafs will shrivel or curl up and fall off
  • Leafs will turn yellow
  • As mentioned earlier, fine webbing is produced by large spider mite colonies

Take your garden back by using effective spider mite control

Spider mite pest control strategies and solutions

You can create your very own spider mites spray and combat some of the carnage created by these pests.

Organic spider mite control

Some organic measures can get rid of these pests and includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Neem oil
  • Insecticide soap
  • Ensuring your plants are well watered will reduce spider mite infestations
  • If your plants can manage high-pressure water, then spraying them down will help

A professional extermination team will use trusted spider mite pest solutions to achieve the acquired results without destroying your garden.
You don’t have to struggle with the infestation and destruction of spider mites in your greenhouses or gardens. Get the job done with spider mite control solutions and products by your trusted experts.

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